Middle School

Middle School Students Celebrated
Their Community Service Achievements 
Throughout the Academic Year

3rd and Final Rounds of the
Spelling Bee Competition

for Grade 6, Year 6, Grade 7 & Year 7
Grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 Planned and Executed
a Sit-In to Object About the Government’s Policies
in Relation to Their Community Service Themes
Awareness Session for Grades 8 & 9
by Brave Heart Organization about
the Trivia Book Donations
Yasmine Al Ek won 1st prize in the
Lebanese Microsoft Office Specialist
National Championship
Middle-school word category.
2nd Round of the Spelling Bee Competition
for Grades 6 & 7 and Years 6 & 7
1st Round of the Spelling Bee Competition
for Grade 6 & Year 6 
and Grade 7 & Year 7 Students
Math-A-Thon Assembly by St. Jude Representative
for Elementary and Middle Schools Learners
Grade 8 Community Service visit
to Jusoor Organization
Community Service Awareness Day
Middle School Learners giving an 
Awareness Session for Their 
Service Projects. 

Ski Trip to Auberge Mother of Light - Feytroun

الصفّ السّادس في عمل استقصائيّ حول أنواع الوصف

يفكّرون، يحلّلون، يتناقشون ثمّ يستنتجون القاعدة - Year 9
في شرح البلاغة، معرض صور، وخواطرمعبّرة، تصويت للأفضل، واستنتاج المطلوب - Year 9
Projet: Les Fêtes Au Liban, Preparé Par Les Élèves Gr 6
Year 9 Mathematics Class
Engaged in the Learning Process,
by Sharing Ideas and Trying to
Come Up With the Right Answer
Within the Shortest Time.
Mr. Lebnen Tannous Speaking in front of
Middle School Learners About His Personal
and Inspirational Story of How Community Service
Has Changed His Life

Grade 9 Learners Working on Their Plans
to Execute Their Community Service Activities
Using Inquiry Based Learning.
Christmas Competitions
Cuddle Up With a Book This Christmas:
Reading Activity for Grades 6 & 7 and
Years 6 & 7 Students at the Library
Lebanese Food Bank Representative
Addressing Grade 9 Students
Congratulations to LWIS_CiS’s Yasmine El-Ek
(Year 8) for winning the
Essay Writing Competition of
Planting Cedars of Hope School Eco Projec
Halloween Party for Middle School Students
Organized by the Prom Committee
As a part of Peixian China Youth Exchange conference that took place in February 2017,
Middle School students received letters from their new Chinese friends. This youth exchange
exhilarated so much pleasure and joy to our participants.
Middle School students are enthusiastically looking forward to take their friendship further.

Grade 7 & Year 7 students trip to Bentaael Natural Reserve
Grade 6 & Year 6 students trip to Rio City & Jeita Grotto
Middle School Camp, October 2017
Pink Day - Breast Cancer Awareness
 Middle School Students 1st Day at School
Assembly for Middle School Students with School's Principal Dr. Simhairi

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