Use of Information Technology

Worldwide, technology’s presence is permeating the learning environment. Instructional technologies at LWIS-CiS will encourage the development of innovative educational goals, structures, policies and practices while helping redefine education. By providing our learners and staff with interactive "anytime, anywhere” access to quality instruction and the tools that facilitate active and engaged learning, technology at our school will empower learners to take control of, and take responsibility for their learning. The result will be the improved efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning and the use of computers as an aid in all subjects and grade levels.

The philosophy and objectives of the I.C.T. program is to provide updated technology tools to support the teaching and learning process across the curriculum. 

Computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheets, graphing, on-line information and communication research, desktop publishing, multimedia presentations, computer graphics, and problem solving are taught in various grades and partially integrated into diverse subject areas. 

Our Senior School elective program offers learners the opportunity to receive instruction in particular applications in Graphic Design, Computer Animation, Creating Mobile Application, Web Design, Computer Aided Design, Python Programming Language, and Java Script Programming Language.

LWIS-CiS I.C.T students from Grades 3 up to 9 
have participated in the online international
 visual programming event
"Hour of Code” 
along with millions of learners around the world during the 
Computer Science Education Week December 5-11, 2016. 
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