Parents Committee

Our Mission: 

The Parents Committee is a diverse group of parents who support the school’s mission. They work with the school administration and parents to create a safe and positive learning environment for the learners. 
The Parents Committee believes that parents have a strong role in advancing the school’s social and support services.

Our Strategy:

The LWIS-CiS Parents Committee aims at developing strong partnership with LWIS-CiS learners, parents, and administration toward developing projects that will advance the school student’s life, parent’s relationship and involvement with their child’s school experience, and the school facilities.

Our Objectives:

1. To work with LWIS-CiS learners and administration to develop plans that aim at improving learners’:

  • Safety measures
  • Hygiene and cleanliness
  • Relation with teachers
  • Behavior/ values
  • Social and athletic services

2. To encourage parents to become involved with their child’s school experience by attending events held throughout the school year/ contributing their time, skills and talents at school events.

3. To work with the school administration toward implementing projects that will improve the school facilities and buildings.

You can contact us on the following e-mail:

The Parents Committee:

  • Mr. Ali Hamza                        President
  • Mr. Moustapha Takch            Vice President
  • Mrs. Rana Al-Khatib             Secretary
  • Mrs. Reema Mazboudi          Member of the Finance Committee
  • Mrs. Joumana Moghrabi       Member of the Finance Committee
From LWIS-CiS Administration:
  • Dr. Nather Simhairi               Principal
  • Mrs. Maha Abdel Hadi
  • Mr.   Hani El-Debs
  • Mrs. Reema Khaddaj
  • Mrs. Maya Ghaziri
  • Mr.   Omar Shorbaji
  • Mrs. Fairouz Ibrahim
  • Mrs. Dana Al-Masri
  • Mr.   Moustafa Al-Chammaa
  • Mr.   Khaled Shallah
  • Mrs. Mariam Al-Kurdi Mougharbel
  • Mrs. Hayat Al-Hassan
  • Mrs. Reema Mehdi

Mailing List